Make it a green road trip in New Zealand

A motorhome is a great way to get up close to the amazing scenery that New Zealand has to offer. You can spend a night (or two) at one of the many campsites for self-contained camping vehicles only or book a stay at a holiday park. Whatever you do and wherever you go, we have some extra tips for you to make it a truly green road trip.

Solbio chemical free toiltet product

Chemical-free toilet product

Hygienically clean toilet

We use Solbio chemical-free toilet product in the toilets of our motorhomes.

  • Solbio is the number 1 chemical-free toilet product
  • No chemicals or synthetic ingredients
  • Completely natural & safe
  • Powerful yet economical
  • Can be disposed at dump stations nationwide
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Water-saving tips

How to save water & power

Your Spaceships motorhome comes with a shower and toilet, as it is a self-contained motorhome. Power plugs and charging points are also included. These motorhomes have it all. It's like you are driving around in a hotel room on wheels.

However, it still makes sense to use our water & power saving tips as it is better for Mother Nature and you won't have to refill the water tanks as often.

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Reduce your shower time.... As you are on a road trip through New Zealand you will come across lots of great places for a swim. No need to go for the same long & hot shower as at home, just go for a short & hot shower.
  • Your motorhome comes with a mains plug so you can always recharge batteries and devices. But it still makes sense to unplug charging cables and devices when the device is fully charged. No need to waste energy.
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Select the right fuel

Biodiesel vs diesel

All Spaceships motorhomes run on diesel fuel. As a loyal Spaceships customer, this might be a surprise as our campervans run on petrol. A different vehicle category means a different type of fuel: motorhome = diesel.

But there is diesel and there is biodiesel. It makes sense to have a bit more info about this so you can select the best one for you. We probably don't have to explain what diesel fuel is so we'll skip to the next one: biodiesel.

What is biodiesel?

Biodiesel - also called "green diesel" is usually a mix of plant-based diesel and regular petrodiesel. It is a clean-burning, more renewable substitute for regular diesel. In New Zealand, several petrol stations have biodiesel pumps.

  • Gull calls itself "New Zealand's original biofuel retailer" as they started selling biodiesel in 2007.
  • Z (formerly known as Shell) produces and distributes Z Bio D Biodiesel in New Zealand.