Explore the outer space of New Zealand year-round

You no longer need to wonder what the best time of the year is to visit New Zealand. A Spaceships motorhome is the perfect camping vehicle to use for your NZ road trip, no matter the season. A motorhome will keep you cool in summer, while it keeps you warm in winter. The secret? Airconditioning and central heating. It'll be a comfy road trip 365 days a year. Experience New Zealand like no other.

Experience summer in New Zealand

Bright sunny days. Amazing beaches. Camping in the middle of nowhere while enjoying amazing local wines. That's summer in New Zealand. Everyone loves summer in New Zealand, Kiwis and overseas travellers. Especially for visitors from Northern Hemisphere countries, it is amazing to enjoy sunny days in December, January or February. Christmas on the beach anyone?

Summer road trip in a motorhome

Whatever your plans this summer or whatever activities you want to do on your summer road trip, in a motorhome you are always prepared. Bring your surfboard, hiking boots or even bikes (yes, even e-bikes). Your Spaceships motorhome has plenty of storage space for all your gear.

Some of our motorhomes have a separate garage box area for storing bikes. Of course, there's a charging point for your e-bike in the garage box of your motorhome. Bring it all and have fun on your summer road trip in New Zealand.

Summertime in New Zealand is enjoying fresh local fruit & veggies and the amazing views

Summertime in New Zealand is enjoying fresh local fruit & veggies and the amazing views

So many awesome routes in summer

New Zealand has so much to offer in summer.... In spring as well by the way. Both spring and summer are great seasons for a motorhome road trip. Experience the tropical north of the North Island. Drive the eastern-most route of New Zealand aka East Cape.

Or explore the South Island. Go for the southern-most route and explore The Catlins, an amazing place that so many travellers skip. There is never a dull moment on your summer motorhome road trip.

Staying cool in summer

Worried that it might get too warm in summer? No worries. Your Spaceships motorhome comes with airconditioning, plenty of ventilation options and a big fridge/freezer. There are so many options to stay cool in summer in your motorhome. Stock the fridge with local craft beer and enjoy summer evenings at amazing places while enjoying fantastic sunsets.

Interesting fact: there are 218 breweries in New Zealand, so you're always close to one to stock up on fresh local craft beer. Summertime is the best time for a sunny motorhome road trip in New Zealand.

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Get the most out of your summer trip

As so many travellers want to experience summer in New Zealand, it is the busiest season. Here are some tips to make sure you make it the best summer road trip ever.

  • Book your motorhome early! Availability will go down and prices will go up the closer we're getting to summer (December).
  • Book a motorhome even earlier if you want to travel around Christmas or New Year's Eve. These two weeks in December is the busiest part of the busy summer season.
  • Good to know: your Spaceships motorhome booking can always be changed or updated for free. We don't charge any fees to make changes, making it even easier to book early. It is subject to availability though.
  • Be flexible... You don't have to plan or prebook your whole summer road trip. The only things you want to prebook in the summertime are the ferry crossing (if you plan to cross Cook Strait) and holiday parks in popular locations. Campsites like DOC campsites and self-contained campsites in remote place often can't be pre-booked, it's first come first serve.

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Experience the beauty of winter

Winter in New Zealand isn't as cold, snowy or icy as a lot of overseas travellers expect. Yes there are several ski areas in New Zealand and you'll see snow-capped mountains on your road trip but that doesn't mean that all roads will be covered in snow and ice. No worries.

Winterless North

The further north you go on Zealand's North Island, the less it will feel like winter. There's a reason they call it the winterless North. If you plan to visit areas like Mt Ruapehu or the Tongariro Crossing you will experience winter on the North Island. But Far North or on the East Cape route, it definitely won't feel like winter.

South Island winter

The further south you will go the more it will feel like winter. Otago is a popular region to experience the South Island winter. Go skiing or snowboarding at one of the ski areas in the Queenstown or Wanaka region. But there is more to do and see than just winter activities.

Days in winter can be quite sunny (and even warm) during the day, while the evening/night (and the cold) sets in earlier than in summer. On a winter road trip, it is all about getting up early to make the most of your day.

Your view on a winter road trip: fewer people on the road and beatiful snow-capped mountains

Your view on a winter road trip: fewer people on the road and beautiful snow-capped mountains

Winter in New Zealand

It is an amazing time to travel. Winter turns the New Zealand scenery into something completely different. Mountains look different and the light has changed so it is a photographer's dreamt to travel then. Your Spaceships motorhome will keep you and your travelling friends warm. Comfy beds, quality linen and duvets combined with central heating and hot running water, means you won't notice a thing from winter inside your motorhome.

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NZ winter view Onni

Experience winter in NZ

Advantages of a winter trip

  • Even more magical landscape
  • Fewer people on the roads and campgrounds
  • Lower prices on motorhome hire & holiday parks
  • Even more activities to do: skiing & snowboarding (bring your gear as your motorhome has plenty of storage space)
  • Crisp clear and sunny winter days

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