There's only one place to find a Spaceships motorhome at the lowest price possible and that's here on the official Spaceships Rentals website. Our mighty booking engine applies all deals automatically. To make it easier for you to book one of our amazing deals, they are listed below. Don't wait too long as these motorhome discount deals won't last forever.

How to get a discount on motorhome hire in New Zealand?

We know there are many options for hiring a motorhome in New Zealand. And there are various ways to get an extra discount on motorhome hire. At Spaceships, we like to make things as easy as possible. No need to ask for a "special price" or a "special discount or use a promo code. Our discounts aren't hidden, they are available for everyone and are published in plain sight.

This deals page is the only page on the web that has all the official Spaceships discount deals. And even if you don't visit this page, our super-smart booking system will always give you the lowest possible price and will apply discounts that are active automatically.

When you book your Spaceships motorhome online on our website, you'll know that you are getting the best deal.

  • There are no hidden fees at Spaceships
  • Adding extra driver can be done online via the Online Check-in and is FREE of charge.
  • You'll get unlimited kilometres so you can explore every corner of New Zealand
  • Standard insurance is included and an optional upgrade to all-inclusive/full insurance is available.
  • No need to empty the grey water tank or toilet tank of your motorhome when you add the Express Return Pack to your booking. Then you can return the motorhome as is. Easy as.

How long are motorhome discounts valid?

All our discount deals, for campervans and motorhomes, have a book-before-date mentioned in the terms and conditions of the deal. However, it is always possible that a deal will end earlier than that date, in case all allocated discounted motorhomes are booked.

Pro-tip for discount deals: By creating a quote online on our site and emailing the quote to yourself, you'll have locked in the price for several days. Even if the price changes or the discount deal ends, you'll get the price on your quote. As long as your quote is still valid. This is mentioned on the quote itself, in the email you received after creating the quote online and sending it.