All your 'before the road trip starts' questions answered

From the moment you have decided to go for a road trip in New Zealand, a lot of questions will pop up. We have created an extensive database of the most popular questions in that phase of your trip.

What happens is I can't travel due to lockdown or a change in COVID Alert Level?
Is it safe to book a motorhome if I don't know when I can travel to New Zealand again?
Are your motorhomes self-contained?
What are Road User Charges?
What can we expect to find in the kitchen of your motorhomes? What is included?
Does my motorhome come with wifi?

All your 'during the road trip' questions answered

Even though we're not on the seat next to you when roadtripping in New Zealand, we are still ready to answer all your questions. You can always call or email us.... And we have created the following list of popular questions to provide you with lots of extra info.

What to do when something happens on my road trip?
How to find campsites or campgrounds in New Zealand
Can I take my Spaceships motorhome on the ferry?

All your 'after the road trip' questions answered

Even after your road trip has ended, the Spaceships Crew is happy to answer your questions. We're always happy to help. To make it easier, we have listed the most popular questions that were asked after a road trip ended.

How to pay the fee for toll roads?
I left something in my Spaceships motorhome
Can I get an extra discount as returning or loyal customer?