Advantages of hiring a self-contained motorhome

All Spaceships motorhomes are self-contained. They have gone through a thorough process and have the famous blue NZS 5465:2001 Self-Contained sticker on and paperwork in the vehicle. These motorhomes are made for freedom camping.

What is Certified Self-Contained?

A motorhome that is Certified Self-Contained complies with the NZS 5465:2001 self-contained certification process. It is a motorhome that has everything you need to live in your motorhome for several days without needing external facilities. Kitchen, toilet, shower, running water and fresh & grey water tanks are all present in your Spaceships motorhome. Therefore, Spaceships motorhomes are allowed to camp at all freedom camping sites in New Zealand.

Inside self contained Family Motorhome 7

Benefits of a self-contained motorhome

  • Quality shower
  • Toilet
  • Running water (hot & cold)
  • Fully equipped kitchen with large fridge/freezer
  • Prep space, sink & stove (3-burner)
  • Freshwater tank
  • Greywater tank
  • High ceiling (especially when compared to campervans): 2.1m

How to find self-contained campsites in New Zealand

Finding self-contained campsites in New Zealand is just as easy as finding non-self-contained campsites, especially if you are using the free Spaceships camping app. Our camping app is designed for travellers by travellers and contains lots more info than just campsites. You'll find the following info in our free app:

  • Campgrounds for non-self-contained and self-contained camping vehicles.
  • Accommodation, in case you want to spend a night in a hotel or motel
  • Things to do in the area shows you a mix of free and paid activities in a specific area, for example, hikes and local markets.
  • Food, drink and dining options
  • Locations of dump stations
  • Road warnings so you can check road conditions before you start your road trip each day.
  • Where to find ATMs, petrol stations and groceries.

To name just a few of the advantages of our free camping and travel app. You'll also find heaps of feedback from travellers that are on the road right now, so you can see what the condition of a specific campsite is right now or how busy it is at the campground you want to spend the night.

What are the differences between self-contained and non-self-contained campsites

By travelling in a self-contained motorhome, you are able to camp at almost every site where camping is allowed. Please check our free app and the signs at a specific campground to see what the rules are. You will need to go to a site where camping is allowed as you can't just park on the side of the road to spend the night. There are rules & regulations about freedom camping in New Zealand.

A campsite dedicated to self-contained vehicles does not have any facilities. The locations are often remote and there are no toilet or shower facilities. This is truly off-the-grid aka freedom camping in New Zealand. Your Spaceships motorhome comes with all facilities so you can spend several days at these freedom camping campsites.

How to spot freedom camping spaces for self-contained motorhomes

How to spot freedom camping spaces for self-contained motorhomes

Campgrounds that also allow non-self-contained campervans can also be located in remote locations. However these campsites have (basic) toilet facilities and sometimes a shower so non-self-contained campers (in a campervan, car or tent) can use the facilities without ruining nature. Self-contained motorhomes can also camp at non-self-contained campsites, but non-self-contained campervans cannot camp at self-contained campsites. That is the big advantage of hiring a self-contained motorhome, you can basically camp anywhere you want (as long as camping is allowed there).

Check the signs at campsites

Always check the signs & rules when entering a campsite to spend the night. When travelling with a self-contained motorhome you have more camping options than when travelling by non-self-contained campervan. However, it still makes sense to check the rules of the campsite before parking your vehicle.

Sometimes free campsites aka freedom campsites have specific rules about who can park where. They often have camping areas close to the toilet block for non-self-contained campervans and more remote camping spots for self-contained motorhomes. See for example the camping signs below.

Some freedom camping sites have dedicated spaces for non-self-comtained campervans and self-contained motorhomes

Some freedom camping sites have dedicated spaces for non-self-contained campervans and self-contained motorhomes